Employee Engagement

What is employee engagement and why is it so powerful?


Employee engagement is a mix of employee attitude and behavior that is impacted through the work they perform. If an employee feels pride in their work (attitude) chances are their results will be positively reflected in their work (behavior). Employees are both an expense and an asset in today’s business world, their performance can make or break a company’s overall net profit. Honing positive work experiences can increase employee health, wellness and overall performance within the company.

If you notice that your employees are lacking motivation there are positive steps that can be taken to overcome these boundaries. First outlining clear goals can make a deadline more rewarding and obtainable. Employees want to feel that their opinion matters and that their work is valued. Outlining clear goals for projects and job titles is a great way to allow the employee to feel great pride in the work they are doing. Performance to benefit the company will come easy to the empowered employee. Take advantage of a positive attitude and let it radiate through the rest of the group.

Rewards and incentives are another great way to motivate employees. When goals are set include an incentive to push the limits of greatness. Friendly competition isn’t a bad thing when spun in the correct way. Organize team events and see who can reach a sales goal first, or set a time for project completion and the individual who reaches that goal with the best work will be rewarded. Revel in the achievements of your employees with them instead of as an outsider. Providing your employees with a greater sense of power and purpose to their work will send your company leaps and bounds over competition. The happiest employees are definitely the most productive employees.

Lastly, use statistics and data provided by employee feedback to analyze employee engagement. Don’t be afraid of criticism, it is healthy and powerful to see as a leader. If there are complaints, address them. If there are positive comments address those as well. This data can be funneled into graphs, tracked and used to create a concrete understanding of how your employees really feel!


Whether you lead an investment firm, own your own business or are in a leadership position within a large corporation looking into and using employee engagement techniques can bring profit, health and overall wellness to your company. Retaining healthy confidence within a large group is a great tool to have and will set your company apart from the competition in a way that benefits everyone!


Daniel Cordell
Innovator, coder, designer.

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